Thinking of selling?

Our Agents can guide you through this important process.

An exceptional sales strategist and an intelligent negotiator, our Agents are ambitious and results orientated.

Possessing excellent follow through skills with a straight forward, professional and personalised approach ensures that each and every client that he works with enjoys an outstanding experience.


The following checklist is a guide to get your property successfully sold. Each week you’ll be kept fully informed of the progress. This plan is your blueprint on what will happen next should you appoint us to represent you.

  1. Signing the agreement will trigger the commencement of our service
  2. We will provide you with a checklist to prepare your home for sale
  3. We will prepare a list of all the benefits of your home
  4. A photographer will be booked to take photos at the best time of the day
  5. A copywriter will prepare advertising for the home
  6. We will send bulk messages to our database that we have an exciting new property coming shortly
  7. A signboard will be erected at the front of the property
  8. We will promote the property heavily on social media in a targeted approach where buyers come from
  9. A team visit will be booked to inspect your property
  10. We will cross match appropriate buyers to inspect your home
  11. We will letterbox drop to local residents to try and find an emotional local buyer
  12. We will upload the property to 3 websites including and our own website
  13. We will be providing you with written feedback of any offers
  14. Once we have an offer, we will negotiate it to the last dollar upwards before we present it to you
  15. Once we have a sale achieved, we will execute all paperwork
  16. We will deposit the sale funds into your nominated bank account

The above checklist can be used as a guide to help you move things forward. We guarantee we will do everything we can do to get you the highest price for your home.

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